Air Conditioning Repair in Holland, MI

Air Conditioning

You don’t always want to drive around town with the windows down—sometimes, AC just makes sense. If your AC system is broken or no longer blowing cool air, however, you’re not going to be comfortable with the windows up.

TLC Automotive Inc. offers drivers complete auto air conditioning repair in Holland, Macatawa, Zeeland, and Ottawa County, MI. We’ll figure out why your system isn’t working and set it right, so you can enjoy cool cabin air once more. Our thorough repair process saves you time and money, while delivering solutions that work.

AC Inspections

We investigate problems with your AC system thoroughly, to make sure we’re administering the right repairs the first time. This includes a visual inspection of every vital component, as well as pulling and weighing the refrigerant in your system. Then, we vacuum test the entire system for leaks to make sure nothing was overlooked. Our thorough approach ensures your system is always getting the attention it demands.

AC System Repairs

When delivering AC system repairs or a car AC recharge in Holland, MI, we always fill the system with a proper amount of refrigerant, oil and dye. In using dye, we’re able to pinpoint any leaks that may have been overlooked during the inspection or developed since the last time we serviced your vehicle. This allows us to trade the leak and repair any faulty parts quickly and accurately!

Get Cool Cabin Air

If you’re not getting the cool, comfortable cabin air you demand when you kick on the AC, don’t waste any time in contacting TLC Automotive Inc. We’ll make sure your vehicle is getting the most thorough inspection possible and that any and all AC problems are quickly resolved.

Contact us today at 616-355-6705 to schedule an appointment and we’ll provide you with the car repair and tune-ups you need to get your AC system back into full working order.

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