New Brake Pads in Holland, MI

Brakes need to be replaced and repaired in regular intervals to keep you and everyone else safe out on the road. If you notice your brakes aren’t performing as well as they once did, it’s time to schedule service with TLC Automotive Inc. today. We’ll make sure your brakes get all of the attention they demand:

Brake replacement

Brake Replacement

Your brakes are the biggest safety feature your car has—don’t neglect them! When you’re due for new brake pads in Holland, Macatawa, Zeeland, or Ottawa County, MI, schedule an appointment with us. We’ll make sure your brakes get the service they need to perform reliably in any situation.

Brake Repair

If your calipers and rotors have been grinding or heat and friction have caused your brakes to warp, you’re going to need brake repair in Holland, MI. We repair warped brakes to restore their integrity and function.

Master Cylinder Service

If you’ve had a brake fluid leak recently, master cylinder service may be necessary to restore your brakes. Come to us for this essential service and know your brakes are in the best possible hands. We’ll make sure they operate flawlessly.

Brake Bleeds

Does your brake pedal feel squishy when you press down on it? Do you need to push the pedal into the floor to get your brakes to engage? These are signs of air in the lines, which may require a brake bleed. We’ll bleed your brakes to restore their responsiveness and feel.

Signs of Brake Problems

Problematic brakes aren’t easy to ignore. Paying attention to the signs and symptoms of failing brakes can help you recognize the need for service, protecting yourself and others on the road. Keep your eyes and ears out for any or all of these symptoms:

  • Loss of stopping power
  • Squeaking or squealing from brakes
  • Stuttering when stopping
  • More force needed to engage brake pedal
  • Sticking brakes

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or your odometer is signaling that it’s time for routine brake service, make your appointment with TLC Automotive Inc. Contact us at 616-355-6705 for quick and thorough brake services, engine light checks, or electrical repair, no matter the make or model of your car.

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