Engine Diagnostics in Holland, MI

Check Engine Light

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what the problem with your vehicle really is. You might hear a noise or feel something different, but have no idea what’s causing it or what it means! At TLC Automotive Inc., we take the guesswork out of figuring it out. Through engine diagnostics in Holland, Macatawa, Zeeland, or Ottawa County, MI, we’re able to read the codes from your onboard computer, giving us the information necessary to administer the right repairs, fast. We save our customers time and money through a data-driven auto repair approach.

OBD Reading

Using the best in diagnostic reading tools, we’re able to scan your computer’s onboard engine to learn more about the error codes causing your dash lights. This will give us all of the information we need to figure out what’s causing your vehicle trouble—it’s great for complicated, unseen issues such as oxygen sensor failures or TPMS malfunctions. No matter what the issue ends up being, using OBD diagnostics will help us get to the bottom of it faster.

Accurate Diagnosis

Because our techs are able to run check engine light diagnostics in Holland, MI, we’re able to understand exactly what’s ailing your vehicle, allowing us to administer the right solutions the first time. It can also help alert us to affiliated problems that may have caused your dash light to come on. By examining the entire problem, we’re able to provide repairs and corrections that not only solve your problem, but keep it from coming back.

Don’t Ignore the Warning

Check engine lights, tire pressure warnings, airbag lights and other dash indicators shouldn’t be ignored. Even if they come on and go off again, it’s best to make sure you’re having an expert run diagnostics. We’ll make sure the precise issue with your vehicle is pinpointed and fixed. Schedule an appointment for diagnostics, electrical system, and emission repair today by calling 616-355-6705.

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