Coolant Flushes in Holland, MI

Coolant Flush

Your engine gets hot when you’re chugging down the road at high speeds. It’s important to make sure your cooling system is doing its job, to prevent heat damage and overheating within your engine compartment. If your dash light is telling you temps are too high or you’ve had an overheat recently, visit TLC Automotive Inc. for cooling system service or a radiator or coolant flush in Holland, Macatawa, Zeeland, or Ottawa County, MI.

Cooling System Inspections

Leaks in your cooling system might be evident from spots on the ground in your garage, but without a full system inspection, it can be hard to tell where they’re coming from. We take the time to go through your entire coolant system to figure out where damages or failures have occurred. Count on us to inspect gaskets, check for hose cracks, trace leaks and more. We’ll also check for rust and corrosion to pinpoint areas where failure has or is likely to occur.

Coolant Flushes and Top-Offs

Having trouble with engine overheats? A lack of coolant may be to blame. Once we repair any cracks or leaks, we’ll be glad to flush out your system and refill your fluids. By flushing and replacing fluid, we’re able to remove much of the buildups and debris that can collect over time, leaving your cooling system less equipped to work properly. Fresh fluid and coolant flushes can go a long way!

Radiator Repair

Your car’s radiator is the single biggest contributor to engine cooling. If it’s damaged, you’re likely to experience overheats and other engine troubles that result from the inability to cool your engine compartment. Let us provide your car with radiator repair in Holland, MI! We’ll make sure your radiator is properly patched or re-cored, to make sure fluid flows perfectly, cooling your engine properly.

Don’t let radiator issues or engine overheating leave you stranded with steam bellowing from your hood! Let us flush and repair your cooling system to make sure your engine is kept at a comfortable temperature. Contact us today at 616-355-6705 to schedule an appointment for a coolant flush, air conditioning work, and other auto repair services.

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