Power Window Motor Repair in Holland, MI

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Power windows are a huge convenience when they’re working properly and a huge headache when they’re not. If your power windows aren’t as convenient as you need them to be and are getting stuck or not working, give TLC Automotive Inc. a call. We’ll restore their function quickly so you can get back to using your windows with one-touch convenience.

Signs of Power Window Failure

There are several signs that your power windows are about to die, if they haven’t already. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the following signs and symptoms and schedule an appointment for power window repair in Holland, MI at the first sign of them:

  • Windows are slow to raise or lower
  • Windows stagger or stutter when going up or down
  • Windows are delayed when you press the button
  • Window sticks at certain points
  • Loud mechanical noises when windows go up or down

Full Power Window Repairs

While some auto repair shops may only replace the motor for your power windows and call it a job well done, we actually take the time to test and replace other components that may have led to the failure. If all you need is power window motor replacement in Holland, Macatawa, Zeeland, or Ottawa County, MI, we’ll get it done—if you need more, we can handle that too. We’re equipped to repair and replace:

  • Power window motor
  • Power window relay
  • Power window regulator
  • Power window switch

Restore Your Windows

Stuck with a window that won’t go back up? Have a window that’s stuttering and sticking while you raise or lower it? Power windows are a feature, not a burden! Let the professionals at TLC Automotive Inc. make sure your windows work flawlessly. Give us a call at 616-355-6705 today to get complete power window repairs, work on your shocks and struts, or steering system maintenance.

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