Auto Suspension Repair in Holland, MI

Shocks and Struts

Even when the road is rough, your car should drive smoothly. If it’s not, your suspension system may be the culprit. TLC Automotive Inc. provides drivers with complete auto suspension repair in Holland, Macatawa, Zeeland, and Ottawa County, MI their vehicles need to perform well against the many hazards of the road.

If you’re experiencing excess rocking, vibrating, humming or rattling while you’re driving along, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our crew and have us take a good long look at your suspension system.


When’s the last time you looked at your shocks? Chances are, never. Without getting eyes on these important components, you could find yourself with damaged shocks and struts, with no way of realizing it.

We’ll be glad to thoroughly inspect your shocks and struts, to make sure they’re free of cracks or other damages that may compromise their ability to work. By pinpointing stress cracks or locating corrosion, we’ll be able to save you the trouble of component failure and all of the stress that can come with it. Our inspections help you better protect your vehicle.

Remove and Replace

If there’s evidence of cracking, corrosion or other types of failure or defect, call us for shock and strut replacement in Holland, MI. We’ll make sure your old, damaged parts are removed and replaced with quality products that keep your vehicle safe. We can even advise you on upgrades or alternate parts to better support your vehicle and your driving habits.

Benefits of New Shocks

Getting new shocks and struts? You’ll quickly notice all of the great benefits that come with replacing these essential parts! Some of the immediate impacts new shocks and struts will have include:

  • Smoother driving and handling
  • Less component wear on suspension
  • Less vibration in wheel
  • Better fuel economy

If you need new shocks and struts and all of the benefits that come with them or other work on steering systems and transmissions, schedule your appointment with TLC Automotive Inc. by calling 616-355-6705!

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